Bruno Tysh & Michael Avalos

Writers, Producers, Directors.

Sandy the Repairman helps out a young married couple.

Sandy Danto
Brian Palatucci
Kristen Rozanski
Bruno Tysh & Michael Avalos
Type 55 Films Clinton Trucks & Charlie Fonville
Matt Garrett
Erik Casano
Production Design
Rebecca Buenik
Trent Johnson
Jeremiah Hammerling
Greg Loebell
Editing & Post
Robin Collins


Tysh and Avalos have been writing together since 2009. They direct their own material with the goal of producing a feature.

...Bruno Tysh@brunotyshWritten by Michael

Bruno grew up in Detroit where his parents, both college professors, sent him to the Roeper School, the type of liberal, boundary-less environment that breeds misfit creatives or dangerous weirdos. Which one Bruno is remains to be seen.

After graduating from Columbia College Chicago (so he says; I never saw him while I was there), Bruno relocated to Los Angeles where he’s worked in nearly every aspect of film production, from unpaid intern to art department to currently producing and directing. He’s also a damn good writer, and an even better drinking companion.

...Michael Avalos@ham_on_fireWritten by Bruno

Michael Avalos was raised by television in a suburb of Chicago. During high school, he worked as a Theater Projectionist before attending Columbia College Chicago. A sampling of classes pushed him toward Screenwriting where he met the incomparable Bruno Tysh.

A writing intensive program through Columbia sent Michael to Los Angeles where he has survived the last eleven years. Most of his free time is spent writing scripts, planning projects and playing with his vintage Olympia typewriter. Currently, Michael can be found wearing glasses and talking James Bond with anyone who will listen.